Kitchen remodel - Emeryville 3

DESIGN – Residential, nautical vessel remodel, theatrical set

RESIDENTIAL – Most phases, rough to finish construction

NAUTICAL – Interior and exterior woodwork, remodeling and refurbishing

THEATRICAL – Set building, prop fabrication

FABRICATIONS – furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, children’s toys

OUTDOORS – decks, fences, arbors, gazebos, landscaping and landscape maintenance

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Seven Seas is a consortium of designers, builders, carpenters, woodworkers and craftspeople. The majority of our work is centered around the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas. We share a mutual passion for making, creating and innovating smart practical design. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality and creativity in fabricating functional works from wood and other materials. There is no hierarchy in Seven Seas Carpentry as we work independently, for, and with each other depending on the scope of the project. Clients will be referred to an available crew member with the most appropriate skill set to master the job.

Multi level closet - Lompico
Quite some time ago, the concept of Seven Seas Carpentry was conceived by a man with a tattered old steamer trunk filled with a variety tools and a passion to travel the world while offering his skills in the distant lands he lived and traveled in. Over time, that wanderlust sailed him back to Santa Cruz where the concept became more localized and his simple collection of tools has grown well beyond the capacity of the old steamer trunk. The knowledge, skills, and perspectives gained from working with a wide variety of cultures and communities as a traveling carpenter have charted a path for the success and direction of his dream. This ever growing and evolving vision is J. Duffy’s consortium of builders and craftspeople today known as Seven Seas Carpentry.

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Having these varied experiences abroad has allowed J to realize that having a strong personal connection with his clients is of highest importance for what he does. Seven Seas’ focus is not simply to build but to take a clients dreams, concepts and ideas and turn them into something much more than a simple functioning solution. It is one of their main goals to help the client create an expression of how he or she may want to represent themselves in their home, watercraft or on stage without compromise of quality or exorbitant cost.

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With any aspect of this creative process, it is important to emphasize our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction in the most affordable and sustainable way with minimal impact to our fragile environment. This we achieve from a variety of different approaches such as purchasing from locally owned businesses, using locally made and grown resources and using sustainably harvested or reclaimed timber whenever possible. As well, we have experience building with materials considered unconventional in the western world like bamboo, pallets, straw bales and earth plaster. Our bottom line is to achieve a smart energy efficient design so that we can come to a comfortable, healthy, and attractive solution that works best for whatever the client may desire.

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