Welcome to my new site!

Hi all, welcome to my brand spankin’ new and very much improved website. Please feel free to add a comment, post an article or photo or video. It doesn’t even need to be about building. I will likely be adding articles on all sorts of things that interest me not always building or carpentry related.

charlie's round house in walesTo start off I just want to bring attention to an item that has been fluttering about the interwebs lately. Charlie, an unskilled builder, built his own roundhouse for his partner and child in rural Wales on a private parcel owned by his family. The city now wants him to tear it down as he did not go through the proper permitting process. As a contractor I well understand the need and purpose of this sadly laborious and bureaucratic process but, come on!  When you check out this amazing artfully hand crafted little cottage I hope you too will see the importance of saving it.



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  1. lisa says:

    love it. I would so love my place to be as unique as that.

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